A Few Good Podcasts

I only discovered podcasts in the last couple of years and can now easily admit that I’m addicted to them. I started out with mostly tech/Apple-focused podcasts, but have since branched out. Ironically, I still haven’t ever heard a full episode of This American Life (please don’t shoot me). At the current count, I’m subscribed to 21 podcasts, so I'd like to think I’m familiar enough to determine the good from bad. So without further ado, here are 5 podcasts that you may like and might never have heard of (tap the titles for links to each show or just search for them in your podcast app of choice):

1. The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is the author of the New York Times bestselling “Four Hour Workweek” and a Silicon Valley angel investor and advisor. His books are all about how to maximize output with the minimum effective dose of input, whether it’s learning a new language, optimizing your work schedule, or working out at the gym. Being somewhat of a renaissance man himself, he interviews some of the most interesting entrepreneurs, authors, tech founders, scientists, and even chess prodigies. For this one I recommend finding an interesting interviewee and diving in. Especially good are his “in-betweenisodes” that are shorter and focus on simple productivity advice that you can easily put into practice.

2. Grit

The show formerly known as Quit! is about career choices, starting projects on the side, and how to make big life decisions. It’s hosted by a well known tech podcaster, Dan Benjamin. He usually has a co-host or guest to discuss making changes like quitting your current job, pursuing graduate school, how to negotiate, working with annoying bosses and everything in-between. They often have live callers or read emails from listeners who are on the cusp of making big life changes. You can start by listening to the most recent episode and seeing if it’s for you.

3. Connected

A Brit, an American, and an Italian walk into a bar….Connected is a "weekly panel discussion on Apple and the impact of technology on our lives.” The show was formerly called The Prompt and ran for 57 episodes, but was recently relaunched. This is definitely the most international show on the list, as the three hosts/friends are spread across Europe and America, but come together to discuss Apple, related tech trends, and general nerdery. They do some other podcasts that are offshoots of this one, but this show is the one that started it all. If you’re interested in Apple/tech, I’d jump in at the current episode and see if you like it. 

4. Ask Altucher

Ask Altucher is a daily podcast by James Altucher, an entrepreneur, investor, author, and all around crazy person. He’s known for writing in an extremely honest way about how he made millions selling companies, only to lose his millions over and over again. He’s definitely one of the more interesting podcast hosts on this list and each day his host asks him any question that listeners submit. Sometimes his answers and advice can be really amazing, and at other times not so much. Since it’s a daily podcast, each one is only about 10-15 minutes and sometimes shorter, so it’s a pretty low barrier to entry. I would choose any topic that sounds interesting and listen from there.

5. NPR: Microphone Check 

I only recently found out about Microphone Check (thanks Kevin!), and it’s a pretty incredible look into the world of Hip-Hop artists. If you have an interest in rap music and those who are involved in creating it, this is a great place to get some amazing anecdotes from legendary emcees and producers. The interviewers are Frannie Kelley from NPR Music and Ali Shaheed Muhammad, who was the producer for A Tribe Called Quest. Together they ask about all kinds of things, ranging from what it’s like working with Kanye West to what it was like when Nas came out with his classic first album, Illmatic. The best way to listen is by finding your favorite rapper and pressing play.

I think I could have include about three more tech-related podcasts, but I wanted to include several different topics so that there’s something for everyone.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!